Central Valley Hospitals & Midwives

Clovis Community Medical Center

The stats:
*Location: The hospital is located at 2755 Herndon Avenue in the city of Clovis, off Temperance and Highway 168.

*Labor and Delivery is located on the first floor in the dedicated “Women’s Pavilion.”

*Super comfy: The Pavilion was expanded and remodeled in June of 2014 and currently features a 16 bed labor and delivery unit and 40 postpartum rooms on the second floor.

Good to know: The hospital also has an 8 bed level II NICU and an 8 bed newborn nursery.

Why we love it: 
*All of the rooms are private and offer awesome amenities, such as:

   +A (surprisingly comfortable) pull-out bed for birth partners

   + An interactive TV that has a great selection of movies and music as well as internet access

+ Free wifi for all guests.

*Good for dads:There is also a “nourishment room” located on the labor and delivery floor that can be accessed any time and that has complimentary sandwiches, snacks, and beverages for laboring women and their birth partners.

*Childbirth Classes: 
The hospital has a variety of options for childbirth education classes. All of the classes review the labor and birth process and cover basic comfort measures and relaxation techniques. The basic class is $100 per couple and meets Tuesday nights from 6:15 PM to 9 PM for four weeks. Each class is limited to ten couples. There is also a private 3.5 hour childbirth class that costs $150 but condenses everything covered in the four week class and is a nice option for couples who have time constraints. You can read about the most recent class offerings here. 
We give Bonus points for:
*The FOOD in the cafeteria (The Grove) is legit delicious! 
*Amazing newborn photographers

Community Regional Medical Center

*Location: The hospital is located in the downtown Fresno area on  Fresno Street.

*The Birthing Center:

+ Twenty two private labor & delivery rooms

+Three surgial suites for cesarean sections

+Panda warmers for infants

*Why we love it:

*All of the birthing rooms features brand new state-of-the-art equipment.

*This is hands down the BEST facility choice for high risk pregnancies

*CRMC is the only hospital in the valley that offers a comprehensive perinatology program

*The only hospital in the valley that has a perinatologist available at all times

*There is an 84 bed level III NICU

* Dedicated high risk 20 bed antepartum unit

*Close affiliation with UCSF medical center (so high risk moms have the benefit of working with some of the most specialized doctors in the country)

*CRMC takes the most urgent patients from 15 surrounding hospitals

Childbirth Classes:

*CRMC has a fantastic Mother's Resource Center that offers multiple different classes

  +Breastfeeding ABC's

  +Breastfeeding and going          back to work

  +Breastfeeding under special      circumstances

*Each class lasts one hour and has a $25 registration fee.

*We give bonus points for:

*Moms can donate excess breastmilk to help save lives

* 3M Club (Mommies making milk)- Free club that meets weekly to give support to moms whose infants are in the NICU

 Saint Agnes Medical Center

The stats:

Location: 1303 E. Herndon Avenue in Fresno, off of Herndon and Millbrook.

The Birthing center: is located on the fourth floor in the "Main Wing".

* Has a Valley Children's level II and level III NICU and newborn nursery.

Why we love it:

*All of the rooms are private and offer a private bathroom/shower, flat screen, free wifi for all guests, a rocking chair, a sleeper sofa for your birth partner.

*The hospital has amazing breastfeeding rates:

*91% of babies exclusively breastfeed while in the hospital (compared to other hospitals in the valley with rates between 45-75%).

* Board certified lactation consultants on staff

*Esteemed accreditation of being "Fresno County's only Baby-Friendly Hospital"


Childbirth Classes:

*"Bundle of Joy" childbirth class that reviews:

   +The labor and birth process

   +Basic comfort measures         +Relaxation techniques

   +The pros and cons of epidurals and inductions

   +Breastfeeding FAQ,

   +Other third trimester discomforts.

*The classes take place on Saturdays and are 8 hours in length. The class cost is $50 if you plan to deliver at St. Agnes, or $100 if delivering outside of St. Agnes.

We give Bonus points for:

*"The Quiet Time" is observed from 2-4 daily to encourage mother and baby to rest, bond and recover without visitors. (Families need rest!)

*The hospital has its own Emergency Department just for pregnant mothers. That means: No waiting next to someone with a contagious illness.

Fresno Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

The stats:


 7300 North Fresno Street, off of Alluvial and Fresno.

*The Birthing Center:

*Located on the first floor the the right of the main hospital in section “Sequoia 1”.

* Features 10 labor and delivery rooms and 10 postpartum rooms.

* Level III NICU

* Dedicated newborn nursery.

Why we love it:

*Awesome private rooms that offer:

   +Private bathroom/shower

   + Flat screen TV's

   +Free wifi for all guests

   + Comfy rocking chairs 

   +Pull-out bed for partners         +Large windows 

*The hospital has amazing breastfeeding rates: 83.5% of babies exclusively breastfeed while in the hospital (compared to other hospitals in the valley with rates between 45-75%)  

Childbirth Classes:

*Amazing variety of options for childbirth education as well as early parenting classes that are all FREE for Kaiser members.

   +The childbirth classes review the labor and birth process and cover basic comfort measures and relaxation techniques in the last 3 months of pregnancy

+ Classes also available in a condensed single lesson for current parents.

Additional Classes Include:

   +Gestational Diabetes



   + Newborn Care

We give Bonus points for:

*Amazing hospital security for newborns

*The parking lot is right next to the Birthing Center and has reserved spaces in the front for  laboring moms

Reedley Adventist Health

The stats:

*Location: 372 W. Cypress in  Reedley, off of Cypress and Acacia Avenues.

*The Birthing Center:

*Has its own entrance

*Features 20 rooms that are all designed to labor in, birth your baby, and recover/bond with your baby.

Why we love it:

*All of the rooms are private and offer a private bathroom/shower

Childbirth Classes:

* Our week course on childbirth education, including a session on breastfeeding.

*The classes are held on Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm and are $40 per couple.

*There is also a breastfeeding class held on the last Wednesday of every month from 7-9pm that is FREE.

Fresno & Central Valley Midwives

*Jacque Moschella

*Chanah Crossman

*Rebekah Hammer

*Alex DePastene

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  • Serving Fresno and Surrounding areas.




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