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One innovative aspect of our collective is that many of our doulas work in pairs. Teamwork is built into the foundation of who we are.

What does that mean for you?


*When you decide to book services with us you are guaranteed to have two doulas available to you as a resource through the entirety of your pregnancy. You'll also have peace of mind knowing that you'll be covered no matter when you give birth or how long the duration of your hospital stay is.


 How do you know which team is the best for your family?

*Each of our doula teams has their own personality and style, so take time to review their profiles so you can find the team that is perfect for you and your family. Review their min bios here, or follow the links to research their individual websites.


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Our doula teams

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Get to Know Us

Kassy and Sara

The founders

Kassy and Sara met in 2016 when they were both navigating the new world of doulahood. Although they have different personalities, they quickly realized that they have similar birth philosophies. They both honor the ideal of providing unbiased authentic support no matter what style of birth or parenting their clients choose. They are also both huge advocates for extended postpartum care as well as helping women navigate the spectrum of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. They are both members of the Maternal Wellness Coalition, a division of Nurture to Nurture that works to raise awareness about postpartum depression and anxiety.

Breonna Gaines

Birth Anthropologist Extradonairre

As  both a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula and an anthropolgy student , Breonna brings a unique perspective to the  Fresno birth community. She is particularly concerned with the alarming statistics of infant and maternal mortality rates in the United States.  She has spent countless hours researching actions birth workers can do to reduce those numbers. She harnesses this passion by strengthening community and family ties through evidence based learning. She is also extremely passionate about supporting young mothers and in May of 2019 she created an educational support group for teen moms in the central valley area.  Breonna  recently received a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology from Fresno State, and is still actively involved in community organizing and development.  Breonna can be contacted via her website at

Sandra and Zel

Sandra and Zel

Pregnancy& Birth Professionals

Hablamos Espanol

Sandra and Zel became doulas in May of 2018 after a meeting with Sara from from All Families Doula Services. Both of them have long felt a calling to work with mothers and babies and instantly realized they wanted to pursue birth work. After meeting each other they quickly discovered that they were both interested in elevating the level of pregnancy care for people in the Spanish speaking communities of Fresno  county and the central valley. Sandra and Zel also share a passion for attachment parenting, maternal health, and all things pregnancy related.  They are so excited to be  some of Fresno's first bilingual doulas and look forward to supporting all clients of the collective. Both of them are currently working on developing their websites, but for now Sandra can be reached at Sandra.morin711@gmail and Zel can be reached at

Stephanie Canales

Multi-skilled Women's Advocate

  Stephanie's  dedication to helping women  has been a life long pursuit, and she has  supported women in the central valley in multiple community projects over the last twenty years.  Steph is a native of El Salvador and  primarily spoke Spanish until she emigrated to the Unite States in 2007.  She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Women's Studies in 2017 from Fresno State University, and then went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Couple's, Children, and Family Therapy in 2019.  She was inspired and encouraged to become a doula after meeting Sara Regan and learning about the incredible advocacy that Fresno Birth Collective provides for women in California's central  valley.  Stephanie loves  educating and empowering future mothers in order to help them birth with confidence. She is especially  passionate about working with Spanish speaking clients and nurturing them t as they navigate through such momentous life experiences. Stephanie can be contacted at


Deborah Eacock

Certified Hypnobirthing  Educator, Fresno ICAN leader

 Deborah is a certified master clinical hypnotherapist who enjoys helping women (and their partners) explore their inner places of power. Together they are able to heal past trauma, release fears, and let go of limiting or negative thoughts that might be inhibiting a woman's ability to conceive a child.

Deborah has had a long career of supporting women. She served her community as a doula for over ten years, and still continues to work as a hynobirthing and hynomothering instructor. She is also a leader for the International Cesarean Awareness Network and is passionate about educating women about their birthing options.

Deborah also offers bellybinding services to postpartum women, as belly binding after baby's arrival can help support mama's post-birth body as it recovers and heals.  The 360 degree wrap helps abdominal muscles retract, relieves back pain & helps release the excess water & fat that pregnancy required.

Check out Deborah's website here.

Dana Turner

Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator Extraordinaire

I began teaching Childbirth Education 15 years ago but my passion was realized at a young age. The capabilities of the human body and the power of the mind fascinated me at just 8 years old. Years later my passion would grow as my belly grew, filled with identical twin boys, and educating myself was not only necessary but fun also! Eventually working for my OB, the doctor embraced my ability to explain body mechanics to the patients, and sponsored me to become Lamaze Certified. My philosophy about education is to help you learn how to work with your body, enhance the power within, and make informed decisions when faced with adversity. I have been consistently ranked highest in patient satisfaction surveys while teaching group classes because my second philosophy is that learning should be fun! I am now offering a 3 hour, private, in-home workshop for couples to learn how to magnify her coping skills, and surf the ups and downs of labor together. The goal of the ‘Loving Thru Labor’ workshop is to enhance your birth and your relationship as well. Although I have recently decided not to renew my certification, I will forever keep Lamaze’s foundation of the 6 healthy birth practices in my teaching as some of the key ways to empower women to birth as they deserve.

Angela Christiano

 Prenatal Belly Dancing Instructor

   Angela  began her calling as a doula in 2002 by supporting her sister through her pregnancies and births. Angela believes in the importance of support and advocacy for women and their families.

   Last Fall, Angela had the incredibly humbling opportunity to volunteer at a birthing center in Costa Rica. She worked as a doula for indigenous women and children. Her experience with these families enriched her life in a way that words cannot express. 

   Her journey continues as she furthers her education into midwifery. Angela also has a great love for anatomy and movement. She has merged her training in belly dance, and birth work, to bring a grounding and empowering avenue for childbirth preparation. It is an honor for her to do this work and serve the families that she does.

Check out Angela's website here.

Nirvona Parsons

Certified  Doula and Private Childbirth Educator

Nirvona is a certified  birth and postpartum doula as well as  private childbirth educator.

 She decided to become a doula because she has a deep love and passion for knowledge, birth, and families. She is passionate about supporting families birthing goals, and providing resources that best fit their wants and needs.

She certified with Tiny Love Doula at the beginning of 2016 and has had a wonderful experience with their organization. She also trained with International Placenta and Postpartum Association (IPPA) in July of 2016 and became a certified placenta specialist. Continuing her education, in  June of 2017 she obtained a certification from Spinning Babies and is now trained in Spinning Babies techniques. She is currently pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a midwife. 

Check out Nirvona's website here.

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" A calm, watchful, loving presence protects the fragile harmony of birth; frantic coaching has never been a part of nature's plan."

Pam England




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