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Brooke Bargamian Courtright

Fresno Chiropractor

Dr. Brooke (Bargamian) Courtright is a local Fresno chiropractor specializing in pediatric and pregnancy adjusting. Dr Brooke sees an array of ages and conditions but specializes in pediatric and pregnancy adjusting, treating pregnant women, moms who are considering becoming pregnant, postpartum pregnancy, and neonate to adolescent children. She works with many doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, pediatricians, and OBGYNs in the Fresno area to help increase the awareness of safe and healthy pregnancies. 
Dr. Brooke is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and has been certified in the Webster Technique (specifically used for pregnant moms) through their organization. She uses safe and effective treatments to help women out of pain, potentially decrease labor time, help increase pelvic width with breech pregnancy, and much more. Dr. Brooke also assists infants out of colic, torticollis, latching, digestive issues/distress, inability to maintain "tummy time", lip and tongue tie tension and many other conditions with light and specific pressure, about the amount of pressure you would place upon the eye. This is also translated into the older child population, especially those who participate in sports, with growing pains, shin splints, Osgood Schlatter, and generalized back/ extremity pain.

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Esparanza Richart

Fresno Prenatal Massage Therapist

Esperanza is a Massage Therapist located in Fresno, California.


She specializes in Massage to support a healthy reproductive system in both Women and Teens.


Another one of her specialties includes Fertility Massage, for those who have been actively trying to conceive, and want the support to open the body to the energy of conception.


As a woman who has suffered from reproductive pains and challenges in the past, she is  dedicated to doing her best to help the women in the central valley create alternatives that will support their bodies and hopefully prevent unnecessary surgeries like hysterectomies.

 Espii is a mother of two awesome kids, as well as four crazy dogs.


"I have a big heart and I hope I can help you through your healing, whatever that may be."

~Esperanaza in May of 2018




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